Mugen Ryu Heiho

Mugen Ryu Heiho (Nihon Koryu Bujutsu Mugen Ryu Heiho in full) can be translated as “limitless martial art that makes use of strategy and tactics”.

The name of the school includes the idea of continuous lifelong growth and development. The longer we study a topic, the more we achieve in a certain field, the more we come to realise that our sphere of interest has no limits. For Soshi Yuji Matsuoi the purpose of the art of war is not to show off one’s strength or cast aside all enemies just to make it to the top. Three components — spirit (Shin), body (Tai) and work (Gyo) — need to come together. The rule and aim of studying the arts of war is to develop and purify one’s personality until the three components form a single complete whole. This is especially accented in Mugen Ryu Heiho classes.

Mugen Ryu Heiho features a wide-ranging technical arsenal:

  • Jiu-jutsu — technique without a weapon, or rather how to use your body as a weapon
  • Ken-jutsu and Jo-jutsu — technique with sword and short staff (Jo);
  • Bo-jutsu, Naginata, Tambo-jutsu and Tanto-jutsu — technique with long staff, halberd, batons and knife.

All techniques are practicable and are based on the same principles. The movements are universal regardless of whether a weapon is used or not. As in all traditional Budo schools, special attention is devoted to the condition of the spirit.