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History of Muso Jikiden Eisinryu

Хаясидзаки Дзинсуке Минамото но Сигэнобу The founder of this tendency in budo is considered to be Hayashizaki Jinsuke Minamoto-no Shigenobu (1542 - 1621). Technical basics of his school were movements of fast extracting sword from the scabbards, defense and counterattack. At the same time in this system the weapon was used as adherent of knowledge and improvement.

Hayashizaki Jinsuke was traveling around Japan, teaching his system. As a result, more then 200 schools in the areas he visited during his traveling began to develop under his influence.

The second master, who continued Hayasijaki Jinsuke Shigenobu's system, is considered to be Tamiya Heibei Narimasa, the founder of Tamiya Ryu school.

The next master complementing the system was Hashigawa Hidenobu (Eishin) - 7th master of the system studying methods of Rinzaki Ryu at Bano Nobusada's. Using the technique as a base he developed a system and founded a school called "Hasegava Eishin Ryu". This was the tendency of Iai-do, carried out from "tate-hiza" (when defender sits with right knee up, but left leg is under buttock).

Further changes and additions were made during the time of the 9th master (Hayashi) - Omori Rokudaiyu Morimasa, tutored by master Arai Seitetsu Kiyonobu in Edo. It's not known for sure who made the changes - Omori Rokudaiyu Morimasa or Omori Rokurozaemon Masamitsu, who was also tutoring in the school. The ceremony of saluting from "Ogasawara Ryu" Reishiki "seiza" (sitting on one's knees) was added as well as fencing techniques in this position.

Basic school was named "Muso Jikiden Eisin Ryu" and was situated on the Shikoku Island in Tosa region. The school used a policy of "closed doors". Starting with 11th master the school was divided in two. One part "Shinomura Ha" could be traced till 16th master - Nakayama Hakudo. The second - "Tanimura Ha", could be traced till 19th master - Kono Monomori. 17th master of "Tanimura Ha" - Oe Masamichi changed the policy of "closed doors", reviewed and simplified many of earlier methods and brought in simple terminology. Then traveling around japan he was introducing his new system as "Muso Shinden Ryu".

The supporters of more conservative approach to studying Iaido consider that the tight bond of transferring techniques of Hayashizaki's system was lost on the 16th master - Nakayama Hakudo. More or less, the system founded by Hayashizaki Jinsuke Shigenobu remains the base for "Muso Shinden Ryu".

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